Meet the Power House

A New Dawn Presidency

Kat Dawn

President and Founder

Kat is the heart and soul of the organization.  She put in the footwork with her own recovery fighting stigmas of being a mother and an addict.  She understands how vital it was to receive simple acts of kindness from others in that time period.  Several years into recovery she decided it was time to make sure there is hope for all women and mothers in recovery. Kat now advocates and acts as a bridge between everyday people and businesses who want to help with those in recovery.  Personalizing their needs in order to succeed.

Jaci Lynn

Vice President

Jaci met the team years ago while in recovery herself.  Being very hands on in the community for many a year, she is an expert when it comes to the needs of her fellow women and community.  Her drive to push forward and encourage others to push forward is why Jaci is so needed with A New Dawn.  She brings order to chaos and makes light of any situation; no matter how difficult they may be.  She loves to bring a laugh to the team by reminding everyone to "be the duck".  Meaning, you look calm, but under the surface, you are pushing forward always.

Board Members

Hidden magic behind A New Dawn

Jason Sisneros

Head Board Advisor

Jason Sisneros is a hard-nosed, battle-tested CEO who has taken the science of performance and the art of leadership to the next level. He is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in business and innovation. Among his past and current clients are Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Comcast, Microsoft, and he has turned around more than 70 small to mid-cap companies, earning him the moniker, “The Architect.” Jason achieved all of this through the development of a world-class operational system that creates duplicable and sustainable results in any type of company. His system uses gamification to tie together a coherent strategy, accountability and performance. Jason is a highly respected leader whose most prized asset is the loyalty and accomplishments of the people who work with him. His systems of organizational structure begin and end with serving the team member and client at the highest level possible. For Jason, world-class performance is not some dusty scrap of paper hanging on a wall. It's a lifestyle, a commitment that Jason demands of himself and the people he surrounds himself with. The businesses that he owns and consults for hold themselves to a higher standard, and aggressively attack their internal weaknesses and external competition. Jason is an author, speaker and turnaround specialist.

How It Came To Be

Seeing A Need

A New Dawn came about stemming from real life experiences when going through addiction recovery.  Every day, there would be that one good Samaritan that would want to help out, but didn't know how.  How do you ensure you are actually helping that person who is trying so hard to do better and make things right, when there is no clear way of making sure you are helping?  That's A New Dawn. 

After privately serving ourselves for 5 years, we decided the time was right to make it official as more and more people wanted to get involved.  So, in 2017 we established A New Dawn.

A big driving force for the creation was that one of our own received a Secret Santa one year, when there was nothing to give to the family, and that sparked the idea to pay it forward.  The next few years following, we did our own Secret Santa, just as us, to serve others in similar situations.  Giving back to the women who are doing their best and working so hard, we wanted them to know they are doing well.  It became such a big success, that the idea came back for A New Dawn.  Bring more like minded people together to help those, we know are deserving, of help.  This allowed us to expand our favorite project in to other projects and events to help continue to serve.

When our loved ones passed, from addiction, or the byproduct of addiction, enough was enough.  It is time to step up, and create A New Dawn.


ABC 4 News Utah Story

Isolation, danger, and fear. Many domestic violence and substance abuse survivors say they've felt them all. After experiencing tragedy last summer, a Utah woman is now helping others discover "A New Dawn."

News4Utah spent time with one of the survivors A New Dawn is helping, and is keeping their identity anonymous for their safety. 

To read more of the story, please visit the Good4Utah website for the full article.

Interview with Besst

An interview style story of Kat's recovery.

In January of 2018, Kat was interviewed by Besst Yet Magazine asking her to share her recovery experiences.  Where A New Dawn was featured in their magazine under community awareness.  Check out her story!

Albert Einstein

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”


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