Domestic Dawn Application
  • Privacy is a must!  You will be required to be HIPAA certified (we will help you with that).

  • Personal phone/camera/recording device CANNOT be on your person while present with the victims.

  • Must be a woman (at this time our victims are women, and they request a female by their side).

  • Need to be on call (can rotate).  We get calls at all hours of the day, and we will need you to go in just like we do at weird times.

  • Confidentiality required!  We cannot stress this enough.  NOTHING goes in or out in regards to our Dawns and their recovery.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Legal action can and will be taken if not adhered to.

Are you ready?

Now that we've freaked you out enough with our rules, are you ready for the questions?  We're excited you're willing to help!  Please answer the questions best you can!

A New Dawn is in need of people who are willing to be present for and sit with new victims recovering from Domestic Violence.  Often times, we get emergency phone calls asking if someone from A New Dawn can sit with these victims and just be there for them while they are first getting in to the hospital or a recovery center and just need to have someone there to be with them to help them know everything is okay.

Sadly, we can only be in so many places at once and need your help!  Please fill out the questions best as you can and understand that if we choose you, you will need to be HIPAA certified and remain completely confidential about anything/everything that may go on when you are present with the victims in question.

What drives you to help others?  What is your story that lead you to A New Dawn's mission in helping others in a vulnerable time of need?

Tell us your "Why"!

Are you female?
Are you willing to be HIPAA certified?
Are you willing and able to keep any cameras, phones and/or recording devices off of your person while in the presence of a Dawn?
Can we trust you to keep all information confidential?
Do you understand that if confidentiality is broken that legal action may be taken?
Are you willing to be on call? (more info on that below)

Thank you for taking the time in filling out this questionaire!  We really do appreciate your willingness to help and just be a pillar of support to our Dawns in need at a very scary time for them.  We will be in touch with you as soon as we can be!

We may ask of you to be on call, especially locally where you live.  The more of us out there that we have, the more Dawns we can help keep safe.  Please explain how you can help and what hours work best for you when it comes to being called in to action.


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