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Here you will find a list of our organized events as well as any assistance needs that come our way.  Feel free to see what we're up to and what our current/ongoing needs are and help out.

You will also find other events that A New Dawn will be participating in, or hosting ourselves!  Often times, Kat Dawn will be speaking at these events.  Or someone from A New Dawn will be present (resource booth, support team).  View each event to find out more.

Staples that we always need are:

Sat, Nov 02
Trolley Square
2nd Annual Dawn of Hope

Oxford House Donations


We took our first delivery to the Oxford House we are sponsoring!!! Thank you to Besst Realty Group for the huge donation!! It is coming together and everyone involved is so excited. 
An Oxford House is:
An Oxford house in a self sufficient home in the community where recovering addicts are allowed to live, work and rebuild their lives. The homes has rules of staying clean and sober and has a basic vote in, vote out type of structure. This structure keeps the peace of the home and others accountability for their sobriety. We are THRILLED to be helping with this opportunity. Because there is basically no profit margin in it these homes are rare!!! However, one of the Founder’s dear friends has one up and running now and is working on more to create a chapter! We couldn't be happier to help with this cause. 

  • Washer

  • Dryer

  • Lawnmower

  • Edger

  • Garden tools

  • Weed Killer

  • 4 twin beds & Mattresses

  • 1 double bed & Mattresses

  • Night Stands 

  • Lamps 

  • Vacuum 

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Push button combination locks for the doors 

  • 3 dressers 

  • 1 set of twin bed sheets 

  • All things kitchen

Ya'll don't know what a big deal it is to have an Oxford house in our County! All donations qualify for a Tax Deduction letter from us! Please please please like and share this away! No need to go to the DI or Savers, we've got a home in need RIGHT HERE!!

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