Do you need help?

A New Dawn is so happy you're ready to stop your toxic cycle!  In fact, we're ready to help you get back in control of your life.  Please understand, how we help you is tailored to your situation.  For us to better understand what you need, please let us know what's going on.  We do have a few requirements from you, though.  We need you to be doing the following:

Seek out a crisis center first!

We do not have the facilities available for crisis need.  A New Dawn helps those centers make ends meet for the women that come to them.  Please try going to one of these places below:

Be in a program!

We like to say, "I will be at your ringside and help hydrate you and coach you, but I cannot throw your punches".

You need to fight for YOU!  And we will help you in that fight, but we cannot fight your battles for you.  Please try to be in, or have completed the following types of programs (or similar):

  • 12 Step

  • Any court issued programs

  • Group Recovery

  • Personal Counselor/Social Worker

Get a Social Worker!

Your social worker is who we work with while you are going through recovery (or have completed recovery).  They know the ins and outs of what's going on with you better than we do and we (you and A New Dawn) both need them to help you succeed.

Your Paraole Officer, Case Manager, and Counselor are examples of those who quality to help us both.

You are ALWAYS welcome to reach out to us anyway, even if you haven't done any of the above options.  We are here to help YOU and want to make sure YOU are getting the resources you need for your specific situation.

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