Dawn Breaking the Cycle

February 20, 2018

💕💕 Please take the time to read this story from one of our Dawns. 💕💕


"I’m really not good at these things. But Kat told me to be candid so that’s what I will do. I’ve been struggling with addiction my entire adult life. In and out of prison and jails for the last 10 years. Until this last year I have never had more than 3 months out of prison. 
Last June I met Kat. My counselor referred her to me and to be honest I thought it was just going to be another do gooder who treated me like a charity case. But she didn’t. Kat worked with my counselor and created a support group for me and even helped me get into a place of my own. I’ve never been in a place of my own and now I am I realize it was one of the reasons I never made it. I was always forced to go be with people I shouldn’t be. I’m coming up on celebrating a year out of prison. Which is a big deal for me. I’ve stayed sober the whole time and I couldn’t have done it without A New Dawn and Kat. I get to sleep in a place I call my own, I just moved up in work and I even get visitation with my kids. Kat’s knowledge and connections are the only reason I am sober today. I believe that completely. And someday I want to give back but like Kat says right now is about me and staying consistent. Grateful to A New Dawn for giving me the chance I was unable to get anywhere else”.

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