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May 29, 2018

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"I have known Kat for 3 years. I first met her at the Shelter when she came to volunteer. I had been there for about a month with my baby and mostly stayed in my room, but felt like I needed to get out so went to a dinner they had going on in the common room. When I first met Kat she was really pregnant. I remember thinking what in the hell is that lady doing here she looks like she is going to pop. Sure enough though she waddled over to me in her sleeveless sundress and asked me if she could sit down by me. She was the first real normal conversation I had with someone since I had gotten out of the hospital. We talked. She made fun of herself being so pregnant and made me laugh. I needed it. She also confessed to me she was really scared to give birth. That she was a recovering addict and this was going to be her first natural birth. That was when I felt like something was different about her because not every mom will say that. We exchanged numbers and we talked a little bit over the next few days, but then she gave birth and I thought I would never hear from her again. 3 weeks after she had her baby though she asked to see me again. She helped me find a job. Watched my baby and her own. She took me to NA meetings and also helped me find a place to live after the shelter. This summer I will be getting married to a wonderful man. And Kat will be my Maid of Honor. 3 years later and I’m finally feeling ready like I need to start paying it back. Today I’m grateful for Kat and her telling me when to jump or when to hold back. I don’t think I would have made it without her help."

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