Dawn of Hope Live Recap

November 13, 2018

Kat going live on Facebook explaining that we plan to do Dawn of Hope annually!  Dawn of Hope was such a huge hit; THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  We made it amazing!  You made it amazing!

After some rest, we're back and ready to get going.  It's time for Secret Santa!  It's why A New Dawn got started in the first place.  Years ago, Kat made a friend during her 12 step recovery program and they donated the gift of Christmas to her one year during recovery.  It helped her realize that service was a way for her to recover.  It started 5 years ago; hustling on her own personally.  With neighbors, friends, businesses, just whomever!  Through that, she is able to help find women going through the program and doing well on her own.  Screened through Adult Probation and Parole.  It started with 1 mom, to 2 moms to 3 moms and this year we want to do 10 moms!  From Weber County, Davis County and Salt Lake County.  No more submissions, please!  We are full on how many families we can do.


If you want to help us, please email us or message us and we'd be happy to get you involved.


If you can't donate, and still want to help, we plan to have our annual wrapping party a few days prior to when we want to deliver.


No, you cannot go on the deliveries with us.  We n



eed to retain their privacy.  We have to keep it within the team to do the deliveries.


This project is very big, but it's very recharging for us.  This is our baby.  We have it on lock down and we have it run very smoothly.  Whereas Dawn of Hope was new for us, and there are a lot of learning curves to be had for it.


We wish that people could see themselves, how we see them, all year round.  You all give so many miracles and have so many stories and are absolutely beautiful with one another and it needs to be carried throughout the year.  Over the years, it's amazing to see how the whole community comes together.  It's very empowering, so much so, that's how A New Dawn is fully here!


Please feel free to donate for Secret Santa or help us out however you feel works best for you!  We will have a list posted of the families in the order of needs to wants.  We will try to update it daily and we ask that you take care of their needs before their wants.  A lot of these families have their electricity turned off during the month of December; they need us that badly.  Also, you can mail us items from Amazon and have it go to our office, or do cash, or drop off at the office.  We ask that you DO NOT wrap your gifts prior.  We found that having it wrapped beforehand causes the gifts to get mixed up since we do not have the names of these families.


Stay tuned, keep watching, because everyone who has joined the New Dawn family in the last 6 months, you're about to see some really really fun stuff.  That is our thing!  It's the biggest thing A New Dawn has built itself on.


We've been looking forward to it all year.  Keep watching our Facebook page to get some more feel goods!

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