Secret Santa; What We Need

November 17, 2018


Our most favorite project is here!  We did a live on our Facebook page about how you can help out and what we need.

Please look at our list of needs for our 10 women that we're servicing this year!  Although, we only have 1-5 listed, we will have 6-10 up as soon as we get all the ages/sizes of everyone!  You can also donate if you cannot figure out what item(s) to get and we'll get something that hasn't been purchased yet!


Thank you for everything that has already been happening with Secret Santa.  This is our favorite event, because people just show up for one another.  Can't wait for you to see all the goodness.


We hear all the time about people being a "bah humbug" over the holidays.  Kat is a recovered "bah humbug" herself and there were times where she was away from her children and on the streets.  After her brother passed, there was a time where she felt that she couldn't ever enjoy Christmas.  She was beaten down.  But you know?


It's all just bull shit.


If you hate the holidays, it's just the anxiety and depression trying to rear it's ugly head.  It was for Kat.  Once she took responsibility for being miserable, she started to enjoy the holidays.  Serving is how she enjoys it.  It makes her feel better and not want to do ugly things.  It just puts things in perspective.  Service does keep her on the edge; keeps her on the outskirts of not being naughty, persay.  We focus so much on what we're going to get each other and for ourselves.  Part of this project is that her kids look forward to this project all year long.  They love getting involved and serving others and helping pick out toys for the other kids.  It's just amazing and incredible.


Just start seeing people again.  If you are driving down the street and see someone who's homeless and you happen to have leftovers from lunch; pull over.  Give them something to eat.  Talk to them, give them a hug!  I promise you that the holidays will feel so much different when you do that.  You'll feel so much better.  You don't have to participate in our Secret Santa project.  Just get out there, serve, and enjoy the holidays!

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